Efficient Planting Process.
Enhanced Production.

Efficient Planting Process.
Enhanced Production.

Agricultural Seed Planting Talc Solutions

At HFTALC, we provide Talc, 80/20, Graphite and Custom Blend seed-planting solutions for agricultural use. Our goal is to help farmers achieve optimum yield potential while reducing costs and stress at planting time. We have used these products in our own equipment for many years; over a decade ago we began packaging it for others. Our experience assures using HFTALC products can improve your bottom line.

Benefits of Talc and Graphite Application

Adding Talc, 80/20, Graphite and Custom Blends during seed application provides several benefits. Some examples include:

  • SEED – Reduces static electricity & enhances seed flow.
  • FARMER – Relieves stress & speeds planting process.
  • EQUIPMENT – Prolongs life of seed meters & planters.
  • CROP – Provides an even stand & increases yield.

WHICH SEEDS NEED lubricants?

If you use a seed planter for anything from Corn to Cotton, Peanuts to Sugar Beets, Soybeans to Sunflowers, Milo to Canola – you would benefit from seed lubrication. Adding dry lubricant to seeds helps provide optimal planting results. Which product you use and how much depends on what brand of equipment you use and what crops you plant. Use HFTALC products with the following seeds:

  • CORN
  • MILO
  • CONOLA, and more


HFTALC is family owned. Cal and Mary Hayenga led the way in local field testing, custom mixing and packaging. We believed it was possible to provide a high-quality product at less cost than traditional suppliers.

Our desire is to help you reach your potential. We can help you improve your production and your profit. Meeting your needs is our priority. By developing long-term relationships with suppliers, we can acquire products at lower cost and pass the savings on to you.

Just let us know how we can help you!

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