Cal and Mary Hayenga started HFTALC with the goal of achieving optimum yield potential while reducing costs and stress at planting time. The family-owned business grew from our hands-on, in-the-field experience as well as from feedback from long-time customers.

We have used these products in our own equipment for many years. Almost 15 years ago, we began packaging it for others. Our experience assures using proper seed lubrication with HFTALC products can improve your crop yields and your bottom line.

Travis Hughes is maintaining the legacy of the premium quality products purchased in bulk, blended and packaged on the farm. Gloria Helgeson continues to assure our customer service is second to none. Our diverse team allows us to be creative and flexible while contributing to the success of our customers.

Our desire is to help you reach your potential. We can help you improve your production and your profit.

Meeting your needs is our priority. By developing long-term relationships with suppliers, we can acquire products at lower cost and pass the savings on to you.

Mission Statement

We develop long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships by providing high quality seed lubricants at competitive prices. Our team provides valuable customer service. Our success is achieved by helping our customers benefit from our experience, presenting profitable products and providing superior service so they can achieve their potential.

Meet Our Staff

Gloria Helgeson
Office Manager

Gloria has been an important part of the HFTALC Team from the start. Her Customer Service is second to none. From ordering to shipping she can answer any questions you may have.

Travis Hughes
CEO & Technical Manager

Travis is raising the fifth generation on the farm. His hands-on experience and value-added decision making assures our ability to supply high quality and competitive prices.