Alleviate seed delivery and metering issues with our asbestos-free Talc, Graphite, 80/20 and Custom Blends. Adding our products during seed application provides several benefits. Hands-on experience and field testing combined with feedback from field representatives and customers has resulted in service and products that decrease stress and increase performance in the field.

Improved Seed Flow

As dry lubricants, Talc and Graphite enhance seed flow in both humid and dry conditions. They work as both a drying agent when seeds are tacky while also reducing static electricity. This results in less condensation build up, as well as less clumping and bridging in seed hoppers and also keeps the seeds from clinging to disks in seed meters. Improved movement through the seed tube and improved seed singulation results in less equipment damage to the seed and optimal seed placement and profitable stands.

Prolongs Equipment Life

As an added benefit, the reduced friction from the lubricating properties of Talc and Graphite reduces wear on components and prolongs the life of seed meters and planters. Whether you have experienced iron or the latest technology, lubrication reduces wear on parts and saves you money.

Relieves Stress & Speeds Process

Overall, this makes for a less stressful experience for farmers and speeds the planting process. We may not be able to control all of the variables after your seeds are planted, but we can make a difference in how the seeds are placed in the ground.

Higher Crop Yields

Research shows that more unified seed placement leads to more plants in the field and ultimately a higher yield.