HFTALC provides premium seed planting solutions of 70/30, Talc, 80/20, Graphite and Custom Blends. Our Talc is from the same processor and of the same quality as planting solutions from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and meets the same exacting specifications as that you buy at your dealership. But our Talc is available in large quantities and costs less per pound. Why would you pay more for the same profit-growing potential?

All of our products are available in 25 lb. pails; Talc and Graphite are also available in 50 lb. bags for maximum savings and efficiency.


New in 2021, 70/30 is recommended for multi-hybrid planters and higher humidity conditions. This will provide better lubrication of seed meter components while maintaining trouble free planting with adequate amounts of talc for reduction of static electricity. Keep your planter and seed moving smoothly!


Talc helps keep seeds from clumping and bridging in vacuum planters no matter the cause. A non-toxic dry lubricant, Talc acts as a drying agent during humid planting conditions when insecticide and fungicide coatings tend to get sticky. Talc also acts as an insulator, minimizing static electricity during drier planting conditions. Measuring is important to save money, but using too much talc has no negative effects beyond cost.


Our most popular blend of 80% Talc and 20% Graphite is compatible with most planters (air- and gravity-flow) and seed sizes, and we continue to see increasing demand for this blend each year. This one-two punch provides optimum seed drying capabilities with adequate lubrication and static electricity control. 80/20 offers high-purity with less meter wear, is widely recommended by manufacturers and has universal appeal with our diverse customer.


Graphite is an efficient and economical dry lubricant that reduces friction and wear in mechanical seed mechanisms, prolonging component life. Graphite also has anti-static characteristics.
Case-IH, Kinze and White planters primarily use straight Graphite in most conditions. Users of these planters have been successful using our Talc and Graphite 10/90 or 20/80 Blends.

Custom Blends

HFTALC will mix any combination of talc and graphite so you can truly maximize the efficiency of your planting process and enhance production. We are one of the few companies to offer this personalized option. We custom blend on the farm and can blend to suit or add micronutrients upon request. Demand continues to increase due to technologies and cost of repairs. We have 80/20, 70/30, and 50/50 on hand.